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New John Mark McMillan: Heart Bleeds

September 21, 2011

From the email:

We drove down from Seattle the night before and I think we checked into the hotel at about 4 AM. We had to check out around noon and the rest of the crew went to tour the Nike facilities, so we ended up a little sleep deprived on the unusually warm streets of Portland for most of the day. I had a hard time finishing the song that I planned to do and after several takes I realized that I was losing my voice. This was frustrating because we had a show that night and I wanted to do my best for the people of the great city. I was in a downward spiral and I lost my confidence. Colt and I ended up sitting on the curb eating lays potato chips and finally decided to hail a cab to the venue. We got there a little early and so i decided to do some vocal warm ups. Colt started filming and we did a couple different shots just for fun. I was sure they wouldn’t work as my voice was hurting but later I watched the play back and was pleasantly surprised. I guess it goes to show that things are not always as they seem.

This is called “heart bleeds” and the people of Portland were phenomenal that night.

The single is available on iTunes. Waiting for the whole album with much anticipation!

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