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Ascent from Darkness: Quotes and Excerpts

September 16, 2011

If you’re looking for a free copy, you want to check this out. Below are some quotes/excerpts from the book, because (1) the book is awesome and (2) there’s some remarkable insight in a former Satanist’s experience.

Parents, pay attention:

I never experienced my parents practicing satanism, but their weak Christian-like practices, along with my mother’s dabbling in psychic readers and such, led me to the conclusion that their trust and faith in the God of the universe was shallow and insubstantial.

Church leaders:

What I witnessed quite often was Christians loving someone into the kingdom and their church; but once inside, the new believer was nearly abandoned. From a dark-side perspective, the battle began the minute the so-called new believer raised his hand. If not loved, mentored, or discipled for a period of time, the new believer … is ineffective for the kingdom and easy prey.


I’d go to a service after the praise and worship was finished … then stick around in the foyer afterward and chat up the members. I’d sit around drinking coffee, and somebody would invite me to coffee or lunch. I’d try to get people one-on-one. I’d ask them what they thought about Scripture or the Word of God. It was astonishing how little most churchgoing people actually knew about the God they claimed to serve.

This is Michael’s thought process as he scopes out a local church he’s about to stash Satanic Bibles in and around:

That steeple is an outward sign of faith to the outside world,  yet, I guarantee inside that church is another bunch of lukewarm Christians. What is a Christian anyway? That term doesn’t mean a thing. What is the difference between a Satanist and a lukewarm Christian? Nothing.

I don’t want to spoil the details of the climax of the story for you, so this is a short snippet from the end:

I have learned the only thing that evil can take over is darkness. Darkness invades our lives when we shut out the light of God’s love. But where there is light, there cannot be darkness. Light pierces darkness and illuminates the truth.

Get it.

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