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Aaand We’re Back

July 27, 2011

Kids in the rainforest village. The one in the middle - Nenal - has some sick dance moves.

The abandoned orphanage that Mark and Joyce are renovating as a refuge for missionaries

Prepping the school building for a fresh coat of paint

I will have more pics and a sweet video when I get my camera back from Quito. Yes, I did.

There are some more reflective details on Tumblr, ’cause this space is about theology now, but some quick thoughts from Ecuador:

  1. Ministry is hard in Ecuador. The Catholic church rules village life with an iron fist. Local people have been taught for years that Christians are demons, and that Americans come to trick them. They know nothing about God or Jesus, but they’re paralyzed by fear.
    If you know missionaries in Ecuador, don’t forget to pray for them. If you don’t – you can pray for our friends. Inge is an amazing woman who facilitates ministry all over the place in Ecuador. She works tirelessly. Pablo and Marcella are an amazing couple who pastor a small church in Tena, and are trying to take the gospel into the surrounding jungle villages. They’re also expecting their first baby. They need all kinds of prayer. They’re doing a very hard job.
  2. There are tribes and people who live deep in Ecuador’s Amazon still, and they’re protected by the government. No one is allowed to contact them. About 6% of Ecuador is unreached, but it’s not a simple thing to get to them. Pray for those people, and for brave missionaries.
  3. Don’t tell me what teenagers can and cannot do. I’ve never seen a group of people work so hard, for so long, with so little reward, without complaining.

If you’re interested in details and pictures, you can get lots more on Facebook. We’ll get back to theology tomorrow!

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