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Confessions of a Former Gay Rights Leader

June 20, 2011

Someone Tweeted a link to this piece this morning:

Confessions of a Former Gay Rights Leader

Warning: Not a politically correct piece. At all. Really interesting, though.


It turned out, after I left YGA and my relationship, what was really bothering me was homosexuality itself.

It’s not popular to say that, especially when you’re a gay rights “pioneer” (or so some people called me; I never tried to see myself as such, though I didn’t exactly turn down the accolades). It’s not a popular thing at all. It’s more popular to say you’ve committed a crime than to say – as a gay person – that you might have a problem with homosexuality.

That gets labeled “internal homophobia.”

Well, I knew all about internal homophobia, having read up, studied, volunteered for Gay & Lesbian National Hotline counseling sessions with random people, having interviewed and “empowered” over 1,000 young people in 38 states and four Canadian provinces, and even Zagreb, Croatia, about the importance of overcoming internal homophobia. It was not news to me at all.

Then again, it wasn’t internal homophobia that caused my so-called “hatred” of my own homosexuality.

It was God.

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