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Two steps to sending the gospel to Ecuador

June 3, 2011

Hello friends. Theology aside for a minute. Let’s chat.

Many of you know that Husband and I lead the student ministry at our church. Jr High and High School students. (We covet your prayers.) We decided last winter that we need to get them overseas this summer. We prayed. We followed Holy Spirit’s leading to set up a trip to Ecuador. We started working.

Ecuador needs the gospel. You may have heard about Jim Elliot and Nate Saint, and their three friends, who lost their lives 50 years ago trying to take the gospel deeper into Ecuador than anyone else dared go. There ares still unreached peoples in those jungles. Six percent of the people living in Ecuador’s Amazon have never heard of Jesus.

And I realize six percent isn’t a huge number, but six percent is still someone. We tend to lean toward helping the “big” numbers, because they feel like bigger needs, but the people who make up the six percent in Ecuador have the same need as the people who make up the 88% in India.

So here’s what you can do. Two easy steps:

  1. Pray. If you want to pray for us and our trip specifically, that’d be great. If you want to pray for Ecuador, that’s great too. If you need help praying for Ecuador, check out Operation World.
  2. Give. I know, I know. It’d be great if it had nothing to do with money for once, but it never will. “How will they hear unless someone preaches, and how will he preach unless he is sent?” Missions has always cost money, and it always will. It costs more these days than it did in Paul’s day, but we go further than he did and we make better time and more of us come back alive more often – so I think it’s worth it. All the info you need to give is here.

Some will say there are more efficient ways to spread the gospel than raising a lot of money to send someone personally.

Not true. There are more cost-effective ways to spread the information, yes. God can use a lonely New Testament, sure. But Jesus said, “Go.” Not, “Write.”


I recently read David Platt’s Radical (which I highly, highly recommend). Toward the end, he tells a story about preparing to go overseas to tell people about the gospel and help rebuild after a disaster, and about a woman who suggested there were more cost-effective ways than plane tickets. When he got there, however, he sat and talked with a man who explained that lots of people had sent money, and that was nice, but a brother comes himself to do the work. He said that it meant so much to them that David and his team went themselves.

This is the gospel, after all. Despite all our first-world, corporate efforts to make it a sales pitch, it’s really not. It’s a story and it’s rooted in relationship. It’s personal.

Others will say that two-week mission trips aren’t what the world needs, that’s it’s not the great commission. And still others will doubt that teenagers who have never been overseas before will be very effective.

The first part is true, and I confess: I have an ulterior motive. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

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