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Book Club: Love Wins

April 28, 2011

Let’s talk about it.

Not argue. Not yell and scream. Not condemn or judge without reading. Not hate.

I’ve seen a lot about it. So have you. I’ve seen a couple good, theological responses, but not many. And even fewer that were really open for discussion.

I’ve been putting it off, waiting for it to just fade away, but then I saw the cover of Times. So it’s not going away. I’ve also been putting it off ’cause I didn’t want to play into the marketing hype that launched the book to the New York Times Best Seller list.

But we’re committed to theology here, at least for 2011, and it doesn’t get any more “relevant” than this. So I ordered a (used – I don’t know if that actually matters, but … ) copy from Amazon just now. I say we go through it together. Book Club 2.0.

Wanna play? Get yourself a copy (still a lot of used ones on Amazon) and we’ll set deadlines. Mine should arrive in a week or so. When it gets here, we’ll pick a “due date” for Chapter 1

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