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April 27, 2011

Sooo … a couple weeks ago (months, maybe, I’m honestly not sure) I got an email from Technorati, which is weird ’cause I don’t really use Technorati.

They’ve started this new site called Blogcritics, and invited me to contribute.

Before you get all impressed, let me say that it’s really not a deal. They have thousands of people contributing, so it’s not a select list by any means.

From the About:

More than 100,000 daily visitors rely upon — the famously “sinister cabal” of more than 3100 writers — for the latest news, opinions, and reviews on music, books, film, TV, popular culture, technology, and politics. is an online magazine, filtered microcosm of the blogosphere, and a full service news and reviews source, covering all aspects of contemporary culture and society.

But for whatever reason I thought maybe I’d shoot for one piece a week and write to someone besides the choir. I love the choir, and I think the choir needs writing to, but – you know – different.

My author page is here, if you’re interested. You can even subscribe. Remember: Not writing to the choir.

Just thought I’d throw that out there. As you were.

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