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Sabbathinking #4 (Work smarter)

April 23, 2011

I’m trying to take a day of rest every week in 2011. I’m a workaholic. It’s hard. I’m learning.

Saturdays used to be, in theory, my day to clean house. It would take most of the day, but the house had to get cleaned some time.

So my first, “Umm, but …” moment after I decided to do this was about when the house was going to get clean.

I already mentioned having more energy for those other six days/week when I take one off, and that’s been part of my solution. I have five week days that get scheduled for work of some kind – whether it’s in my office, or in a cafe doing web-work. I have five rooms in my little house. So instead of cleaning all day Saturday, I clean one room/day.

And you know what? This works way better anyway. It’s not a daunting, day-long project to have a clean house, and even if something extreme happens during the week I always know that at least one room is clean. And that makes me happy.

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