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Sabbathinking #3 (I’m not God)

April 16, 2011

I’m trying to honor the Sabbath in 2011. I’m a workaholic. It’s hard.

I’ve had a couple of Saturday mornings that begin with bargaining. I start to reason that I’m doing pretty well with this thing, and for the most part I’m resting on Saturdays, but …

Like a toddler, I know. The word, “but” should be a red flag by now, but in the moment it always seems reasonable.

But this one time, I really need to get a little work done. You don’t understand, I tell the Omnipotent One, there’s just a lot going on in Redefined right now – and the church in general – and I have a lot that needs to get done, and …

And He usually interrupts with something like, “Without Me?”

And the revelation sweeps over me that I’m, unintentionally, taking the ministry out of His hands. I am, unintentionally, laying the burden and the responsibility on my own shoulders instead of His.

“Do you think,” He gently asked the last time I started whining, “that anything I have planned for these students depends on you making it happen?”

Ouch. Oh ya, the Creator doesn’t need me. Have another cup of tea with that humble pie, and relax.

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