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Sabbathinking #1

February 19, 2011

(I’ve been trying to Sabbath this year. An unspoken resolution for 2011. It’s difficult most weeks, but also fairly enlightening. Some brief thoughts …)

Explaining my Sabbath quest recently, my disciple commented,

“A lot of people do that, though – work in some way – seven days a week.”

It’s true. We ignore the Sabbath. If pressed, most of us would be proud of it. We’re hard workers. We like to compare battle stories about how busy our lives are.

And yet the command – because it is a command – to keep the Sabbath is one of the Big Ten.

It’s right up there with “have no other gods,” and, “Thou shall not do murder.” Surely not by accident, and yet we ignore it.

We sue governments and write articles and call talk show programs about keeping public displays of the Ten Commandments, but we secretly believe at least one to be a bit trite and impractical.

Should we honor all ten equally, or just start referring to them as The Nine Commandments?

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