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Faith Week!

February 15, 2011


I know it looks like I’ve been slacking off around here, but I’m not. I’ve been cutting and trimming fliers for Faith Week.

And while you know I don’t do many shameless plugs, I’m doing this one.

You need to come to Elgin, Illinois for Faith Week. There’s a Holiday Inn (a nice one, with a Bennigan’s) at the other end of our parking lot. You wouldn’t even need to rent a car if you’re coming from out of town.

Faith Week happens every spring, for five evenings. It’s worship – and, if I may, some really stellar worship – and a great message followed by some knock-your-socks-off prayer time.

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking you go to church every week and get great worship and a great message and all the prayer you can handle. Why reschedule appointments, and cancel small groups, and rain-check dinners just to come and do the same thing again?

Because you’re outnumbered. You go to church every weekend? Maybe every weekend and once a week for a home group or midweek service. You go to work five days a week, or more. You watch television how many days each week? Radio? Internet? Meeting with the body of Christ once or twice a week can keep you afloat, and if you really work it, it can be enough.

But we’re pointing you toward an oasis.

You vacation once a year to rest your body and soul. This is a vacation for your spirit.

Our staff and volunteer teams at Church in the Word don’t do this to grow our congregation. We don’t really consider it an “outreach” event. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t add a few families to the CITW Family each spring, but mostly, people come from their various local churches and congregations – and then go back to them when the week is over.

And we dig that.

We bust our butts every spring to make Faith Week happen because we want the Church (big “C”) in the northwest Chicagoland suburbs to be rockin’.

And it IS gonna be rockin’. Personally, I think this is the best line-up of speakers we’ve had for a Faith Week in a long time, if not ever. There’s more on them on the Event page here.

So come. And you know what? Don’t cancel your other stuff – just move it. Move your midweek service, move your home group, move your date night.

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