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Saturday Musings

December 4, 2010

‘Cause who reads blogs on Saturdays anyway?

1) Husband found this video the other day. I think it’s funny.

2) I’m half-way through Christmas shopping and that makes me happy. Although I’ve paid for almost half of that half in pounds, which is weird.

3) I mentioned a short while ago I was thinking about killing this blog. (I appreciate the nice comments.) See, I’ve been helping some friends – and friends of friends – recently, break into Web 2.0 stuff, and I realized that The Esther Project doesn’t follow many of my own rules.

But I’ve decided I don’t care. I think some redesign is in order, but as I don’t self-host this thing it’s not going to be a dramatic unveiling or anything. So for both of you who were concerned – no worries.

4) I’m working on a secret project that I think you’ll like. Especially in you live in the Chicagoland area. Can’t tell you though … ’cause it’s a secret.

5) One of the guys on our worship team has a grandson, who is a toddler, who calls guitars, “rock me”s. He was telling us the other night about having taken the kid to a guitar shop, and how the little guy stood wide-eyed just inside the door, looking around and breathing, “Rock me … rock me … rock me.” The wife of the owner went over to see him (he’s adorable). “What’s up little guy?” “Rock me.”

I love it. And I’ve decided that one day, when I do have children, I’m going to teach them that a guitar is a “rock me,” a church is a “hallelujah,” and an arm is a “guns.”

How’s your weekend?

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