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Allow me to explain (0 of 439)

November 22, 2010

Did you know the Bible contradicts itself 439 times?

And somehow, it’s taken 2000 years for someone to figure it out.

Somehow, for 2000 years, countless scholars, disciples, etc. have committed their lives to studying the scriptures, and still boldly declared it to be the inerrant word of God … but were completely wrong.

“Really,” you ask?

Of course not.

Someone I “follow” (according to the loosest definition of the word) on Twitter posted a link to this huge poster created by The Reason Project (sic) last week. It lists, and graphically depicts, all of the “contradictions” in the Bible. All 439 of them. (The picture at the top is the graphic depiction. The white lines represent the chapters in the Bible, the length of each depicts the length of the chapter. The red lines each represent a supposed contradiction.)

I thought it would be a fun project to look at each one.

It won’t be an uninterrupted series by any means. I’ve attempted to solicit the help of several trusted individuals who are all much smarter than I am, so hopefully we’ll hear from other voices as well.

Ready? Seat-belts fastened, chairs in their up-right positions, shoes securely tied? 1 of 439 … tomorrow.

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