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Book Review: On This Day in Christian History

November 15, 2010

Have a blog? Like free books? Check this out!

Thomas Nelson Publishing and Robert J. Morgan bring you a hit-or-miss collection of stories from centuries of Church history. I dig it.

Each of 366 (February 29 is included) gets one page, one story, and one scripture. Some of the stories are inspirational, some are horrifying – but we learn from the good and bad in our history so all are included. There is an Index of Selected Topics at the end, but it’s hardly useful – stories selected under “Parenting,” for example, have little to do with parents, and I created by own tabbing system for “Missions” as I read ’cause that’s not one of the selected topics.

Stories include well-known characters, and people you’ve never heard from. The book’s greatest service is in creating a list of people whose works and biographies I’m now desperate to seek out.

Morgan’s work hardly captures one’s attention for a straight read, but that’s not really it’s intention. The project is impressive in it’s scope, and as a daily devotional or a reservoir of inspiration and brief histories, is quite a resource.

The holidays are quickly approaching, and this might make a good addition to your shopping list. Anyone who likes daily devotionals and Church history, any pastor/preacher/teacher who likes Church history or likes to use stories in his lessons, or anyone who needs a new bathroom reader would be greatly served.

My copy is going on the bedside table for a year or two before getting shelved as a reference. It was nice to read cover-to-cover, but I look forward to taking a moment each day to learn a little about our history and remember those who have gone before us.

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