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Review: Lincoln Brewster, Real Life

October 8, 2010

Disclaimer: Integrity Media sends me stuff for free so I’ll tell you what I think about it. Don’t tell them no one reads this.

Real Life is Brewster’s seventh solo album. Seventh. That’s amazing. It’s also pretty star-studded. Contributors on Real Life include Paul Baloche, Jason Ingram and Mia Fieldes.

If you dig Lincoln Brewster, you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t necessarily dig Lincoln Brewster, you have to admit that’s he’s excellent at what he does, and this album is no exception.

The opening track “Best Days” is so irresistibly catchy, you can’t help but be sucked in. “I receive everything that you’re doin’ in me. I believe. Let the rest of my life be the best days of my life.” You probably need to sing that every Monday morning. Worship leaders: Great set open-er right there. It’s also heavily laced with Brewster’s signature guitar shredding.

“Reaching for You” is the second track and it picks up right where “Best Days” left off. Catchy, energizing, and full of lyrics that need to come out of your mouth.

You almost expect the next song to bring the energy down, and it does, but you don’t expect the gorgeous piano ballad that you get in “More Than Amazing.” Maybe I’m biased about the piano, but the song is quiet and simple and beautiful and simple.

“Whom Shall I Fear” comes later, and features the beautiful Kari Jobe. When all You are is glorious oh God, victorious and strong, whom shall I fear? When all You are is powerful and true, good in all You do, whom shall I fear?” It’s a quiet song, but wonderfully moving, and – of course – the guitar work is great. This one is going to be playing in churches all over the country in no time.

In all, Brewster as produced another collection of songs (literally, he produced the album himself too) that you’ll hear on the radio, and in local churches very soon and for a long time to come. Not because they’re weak, “radio-ready,” fluffy songs. Because they’re undeniably great songs. Whether you’re looking for energizing, encouraging worship, or something really simple and sincere, Real Life has it for you.

Do you have this album? What do you think?

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