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You want to be here in November

October 6, 2010

Words cannot express how excited I am for the second week of November.

(But here I go trying, and Disclaimer: No one’s paying me for this. I don’t plug many Church in the Word events, but this one, well … )

I cannot personally vouch for Pastor Cistrunk, but I’ve never heard so much buzz over one guy. I’ve never seen so many people who DO know him, or have experienced his ministry, get so wide-eyed and so excited and so gushy when they heard he was coming. I’m excited by proxy.

Pastor Cistrunk has led worship for a handful of churches all over the country. He led worship at LifeChangers Church here in the Chicago ‘burbs, before his family moved to Texas. (And he’s sung with Israel Houghton int he past. Ya, that Israel Houghton.) He is currently on staff at Grace Church in Humble, Texas, but he’s assembling his team here for two nights. And oh my word – the buzz. I think if we didn’t advertise at all, and didn’t have anything else going on those two evenings, we might still have to rent chairs.

BUT … we DO have something else going on those two evenings.

And I CAN personally vouch for Rev. Harbaum.

Rev. Harbaum came to speak at our annual Faith Week event in the spring last year, and – brutal honesty – I wasn’t so excited. I was excited for Pastor Zahnd, and I was digging the hype on some of the other speakers, but I judged that book by it’s cover and wasn’t exactly dying to be here for his two nights.

I had heard amazing things. I had heard insightful, respectable men of God say things like, “Ken Harbaum is the only preacher I’d walk four days to hear in person.” I had some hope, but still …

I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong.

Some preachers are good preachers ’cause they’re inspiring; they can make you laugh and move you to tears and really leave you feeling ready to go out and do something. Some preachers are good because they study and study and dig and dig, and they can teach you things that you’d never learn elsewhere. I love both of those sermons.

There are a few preachers – in my limited experience – who can really blow your mind. Not just via inspirational appeal or some really insightful facts, but I mean really communicate a revelation from the Spirit of God into you. I don’t know how they do it, but I know that 20 minutes into Rev. Harbaum’s first message last spring, my brain exploded and my spirit grew.

And I hear good teaching every week – usually twice every week. It’s not like I’ve never heard a good sermon. Rev. Harbaum will blow your mind. Money-back guarantee.

And then, if you’re there and you have the guts, he’ll probably pray with you too. Don’t even get me started on the personal ministry time.

So. November 9 and 10. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. 7PM both nights. Clear your schedules now. Book a flight and a hotel. You want to be at Church in the Word. You can hook it up on Facebook here.

Besides Rev. Harbaum, who is the best preacher you’ve ever heard?

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