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Our fifth anniversary

October 2, 2010

Yesterday was our fifth wedding anniversary. I can’t believe we’re at five years already.

I have pictures of our wedding and honeymoon somewhere. We didn’t welcome the MacBook into the family until about a year later, so life before iPhoto is a little sketchy, but here’s where we’ve been in (almost) five years:

India, Summer of 2006


We’ve been through a lot of  guitar gear:


We shared our October 1 with Niamhy:


We started the tradition of the Ornament Party in 2006:


Voyaged across dangerous frozen rivers:


Move out of that tiny, tiny apartment:


Visited some friends and took a vacay in Myrtle Beach:


I turned 25 (and then 26 and 27):


The bathroom fell apart:


We had another Ornament Party in 2008:


The next summer we camped,

and hiked,

through Arkansas.


We hooked up with long lost friends:


And had another ornament party:


And got to be in other people’s weddings:


We’ve hunted a lot of critters:


And loved a lot of teenagers:

And now it’s five years + 1 day, and I can’t help but wonder what God has in mind for these next five years.

Married people – Any tips?

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  1. October 2, 2010 9:46 am

    Happy Anniversary! My favorite thing about marriage is that it’s a living story…every moment of it is something to cherish for the rest of your life. Even the not so fun moments! Here’s to five more years of adventures for you and your husband!!

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