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September 20, 2010

When I think of “peacemakers” I think of government officials in fancy offices with an Israeli and a Palestinian. Or flower children in public squares. Or even just the everyday person bringing friends or siblings or coworkers together after a misunderstanding.

Everyone wants to be that person, right? Every president wants to be the one to establish peace in the Middle East. None of us would mind that kind of reputation among our friends.

Husband recently offended a loved one – and, really, at no fault of his own. The loved on in question pretty completely over-reacted to a harmless bit of fun that has played out in every family and circle of friends for decades. We were both pretty stunned at the mood shift that took place.

“But,” he groaned in the car later, “I’m the one who is going to have to send an email or a text or a Facebook message saying, ‘Hey. Is everything okay? Sorry if that somehow bothered you.’ It’s just dumb.”

And I agree with him on all counts. It is dumb. And he is the one who has to do it. Because he’s the disciple.

I think it was the next day that I was doing dishes and thinking about it, and I thought about the beatitudes. I knew, “Blessed are the peacemakers …” but not the promise that goes with it, and had no sooner decided that I need to memorize the beatitudes when Holy Spirit finished it for me, “… for they shall be called sons of God.”

I still haven’t looked it up to double-check, but I’m sure that’s how it’s finished. I know some “shall inherit the earth,” and some “shall see God” … but I’m sure the peacemakers will be called the sons of God.

Because it makes sense. Jesus was a peacemaker. We can have the modern socio-political conversation some other time, ‘cause I just mean in an ultimate sense. Jesus paid the ultimate price to make a way for peace between you and God. The Son of God made peace, so we who sacrifice our own comfort, pride, etc. to establish peace will be called His sons also.

Just a thought as you start your week.

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