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Water Drama

September 10, 2010

On Monday, I reminded you to tune in for Charity:Water’s Live Drill – the first well of this year’s September Campaign. If you did, you know it didn’t go as planned:

But they didn’t quit. This was the update yesterday afternoon:

Good news!

I drink water every day and don’t ever stop to look at it. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and stagger to the ‘frige in the dark and drink water without looking at ANYTHING. ‘Cause water doesn’t look like anything, it’s just a clear liquid.

But as I watched that second video yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder what that water looked like when it came shooting out of the well for the first time. (It literally knocked one guy’s hat off.) They’ve waited more than a decade for safe drinking water. Imagine the children who have never seen clean, clear water, or the mother who has never given a drink to a child without fear.

Stay posted to for the final video update tonight, and, in the meantime, consider being the source of the next life-saving, life-changing well in the Central African Republic. Every $20 donated supplies one person with clean, safe water for 20 years. Do you have $20 for that? Clicky.

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