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We hit 20-percent of our goal!

September 8, 2010

We’re trying to raise $2000 to help get the people of the Central African Republic clean water. It takes $5000 to build one well, but we’re taking it one step at a time.

$400 in two weeks is pretty amazing, guys. So Thanks! to everyone who has donated, and Thanks! to everyone who is going to!

If you’re new here, let’s get you caught up.

  • I introduced the campaign here.
  • Then, we watched a video and broke down the numbers. (75 people giving $27 = Half a well)
  • Last week, we hit 10%.

So let’s see if we can do another 10% this week! Another $200 would only mean 10, $20 donations. Can you spare $20 this week?

(My actual birthday is Tuesday, but we get three months on the campaign – so we have ’til mid-November.)

Some info, from Charity:Water, about the people who are asking you for $20 this week:

The United Nations recently described the Central African Republic (CAR) as “the world’s most silent crisis.” Four civil wars in the last decade have left 40 percent of the nation’s already sparse wells unusable, and a massive influx of Chadian and Sudanese refugees has caused communities of 1,000 to swell to 10,000 virtually overnight. Our UK team- Simon and Laura, and Lani from the U.S. team went in May of ’07 for the first time, to prove the wells funded by charity: water.

Some pics from CAR, compliments of Charity:Water –

Whether or not we make 30% this week – or raise $2000 in the next two and half months – is, really, nothing to me. I’d like for it to happen, obviously, but it won’t affect my health, my life expectancy, my quality of living (except for maybe part of my outlook on life) at all.

The Bayaka people you see in these pictures, though – it means the world to them.

This week’s goal: Ten people with twenty bucks. Can you be one of them? Clicky.

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