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Who inspires you?

September 7, 2010

We’re starting a teaching series with the students at [redefined] called Square Pegs, and it got me thinking.

There are dozens of examples in scripture, of course, of misfits that God used for great things. In fact, it seems most of the people God used in scripture were kind of weird. And there’s no want of New Testament scripture to support the idea of not fitting in with the world. I want some more modern-day examples too, though, so I’ve been resurrecting some biographies from my shelves at home.

But I have to wonder what – or whom, in this case – I don’t know. So enlighten me.

Who inspires you?

I’m looking for men and women of faith (in Christ) whose lives were a little radical (or a lot radical), whose faith was a little extreme, whose example set the bar really high. Whose story – in print or film – picks you up from dry seasons, pushes you onward or calls you upward? And why?

I like Martin Luther (so much so that some of the students make fun of me for it) for challenging the powers that be and insisting on a purer gospel. I like David Brainerd for his passionate prayer life and his high standards. I like Rees Howells for his dramatic obedience, and St Francis for his freedom.

Who – outside of scripture – inspires you, and why?

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