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God’s word still creates

September 3, 2010

I have been very busy the past couple weeks.

You know those seasons. When busy turns into crazy, and crazy turns into something else. Those seasons when restroom breaks and eating and sleep become hugely inconvenient.

I’ve been there.

But a couple days ago I sat down with the Lord ’cause it had just been too long. My head was still spinning and after a moment I got up to get a pen and a piece of scrap paper so that as the To Do’s came to mind I could write them down and let them go for the time.

I tried to take deep breaths. Tried to relax. Tried to focus my thoughts, and I don’t think I was quite there when I took a deep breath and exhaled “Holy Spirit” and He answered.

He answered with one word, straight to my spirit, and I think I was born again, again.

The word itself doesn’t matter, and – really – it would take explaining and I’d be embarrassed to tell you. It’s a good word, but that’s what makes it awkward. And anyway, the word doesn’t matter.

Anything He speaks is, and that’s the amazing thing.

He spoke one word – one. word. – into me, in the midst of my chaos, and everything else stopped. The world stopped and for all my To Do lists and vision and projects, I could have sat there with Him and thrown that one word back and forth forever. That one word was suddenly all I wanted to hear from Him, all I wanted to know, all I wanted to be or do, and every time it was repeated it was as though it grew within me.

Husband has been getting back into the sciences lately. Every time I pick him up from a job he’s been listening to debates or lectures (on his phone, while he’s soldering wires or whatever) about Dawkins or evolution or string theory, and he always has some fascinating new insight to share … but the beginning and the end of the truth is that God spoke.

And He still speaks. And His words still create.

But we’re too busy.

So this is your reminder, your alarm, your sign. Don’t be too busy today.

“But you have no idea how much …”

Maybe I don’t. But I know what He’s worth, and I know what you really need.

Put the kids down for a nap, tell your roommate you’re locking your door for half an hour, close the laptop, whatever. Sit and listen and wait and ask Him to speak to you. You don’t need a vision of the future, or a prophecy, or an overwhelming presence. Ask Him to simply speak whatever He knows you need, whatever He wants to give you – and then wait.

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  1. September 15, 2010 8:58 pm

    great post…very encouraging to be still…keep it coming:)

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