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What a Muslim-Background Believer from Gaza knows about peace-making

July 27, 2010

“If we want to be peacemakers, we can’t take sides.”

Taysir Aba Saada is an MBB from the Middle East. If I knew nothing else about him, I’d have the highest respect for the man. I know a little more about him, though, ’cause Pastor Zahnd from Word of Life Church talks about him fairly frequently. (If you’re not all over the Word of Life Church podcasts, you’re  missing out. Look ’em up on iTunes or listen online at their website.)

Pastor Zahnd sat down with Taysir at his church in Missouri on a recent Friday night. This is awesome.

They talk about the Middle East, peacemaking, relationships with Muslims, and the Church in the last days. Taysir shares a great story about another pastor who invited him to speak at his church, and apparently had no idea what he was in for.

The whole thing is 38 minutes long. If you can keep this tab open and listen here, do it. Download the Podcast on your Pod/Phone and take it with you if you have to go.


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