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The Coffee Pot, Part 2

May 4, 2010

I hadn’t intended for there to be a Part 2, but what can I say? I’m blessed beyond measure.

Husband and I do youth ministry, in case you’re new here. Ministry is difficult. From the proverbial pew, I never assumed it was a cakewalk, but I don’t know that I was prepared to answer this call.

There are seasons to it, like every other facet of our faith. There are mountain top moments and valley moments. The past couple weeks have been canyon moments, and one particularly emotionally stressful day broke the camel’s back.

Husband and I went out for lunch and talked and prayed. And that helped tremendously. Husband is getting really good at letting me spew, and still not wavering in speaking scripture back to me.

But still … I got back to the office and he left for Wisconsin and still …

Men and women are different. We think about things differently. We handle situations differently. We respond to our emotions differently. Husband is invaluable. The rest of the people in our church office are wise and theologically intimidating. The other youth pastors in our city that I’ve been able to network and form relationships with are passionate, enthusiastic leaders. They’re also all men.

I sat at my desk for a moment just wanting empathetic prayer support. But it didn’t seem to be there. And then I remembered Jody and Brandi, and I logged into Facebook.

Jody and Brandi are two ladies I don’t even know how I met via the interwebs, BUT they are two beautiful young women who love youth ministry. I typed a vague prayer request and they both responded post haste. I got some much needed prayer support, and we may be on the verge of a really interesting conversation on how to be young women in youth ministry.

Some people would say that you can’t have real community on the internet, and maybe that’s true. But it does help to fill in the gaps. I know that it is only by God’s tender mercies that I am a part of such a great congregation at home, but – as strange as it seems – I’m also so very thankful for the ability to flip open my laptop and take advantage of the body of Christ from Florida to Missouri to Chicago.

Where do you find community and the Church on-line? Leave a link and sing it’s praises in the comments!

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  1. May 5, 2010 9:51 pm

    so very, very thankful for you & Jody!! your insight, encouragement & love are incredibly valuable to me. love you!

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