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The Coffee Pot

April 30, 2010

I have to share this ’cause it’s hilarious.

One morning last week, I was washing our coffee pot and bumped it against the edge of our sink. Our sink is deep and porcelain. And porcelain is unforgiving. It popped a hole in the bottom of the pot. I sighed deeply, made tea, and whined about it on Facebook.

The next day, someone offered their coffee machine. They don’t use it. It’s ours if we want it. Wow. That was fast.

We didn’t actually make the hand-off for almost a week.

In the meantime, someone left a Sears gift card in our mailbox with a note scrawled on the envelope:

You can’t go without coffee any longer. Use this for a new coffee pot, or whatever else you need. Love – A fellow coffee lover.

I love that.

Then, Sunday, a gentleman – fairly new to the church – approached me in the lobby.

Him: “Do you still need a coffee pot?”

Me: “Haha. No! We’ve been offered a couple life lines. But thank you!”

One week. Three coffee pots.

I love that ’cause no one should go more than a week without coffee.

I also love that, ’cause I know that if it was something besides a coffee pot the response would have been the same. A bag of groceries. A car. A bill paid. A lawn mower. A hug. I know because half of those aren’t hypothetical, and I know because Husband and I are unreasonably blessed to be part of a group of people who are actually trying to be the Church in addition to attending church.

And that makes me happy.

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  1. bianca permalink
    May 3, 2010 9:53 pm

    a blessing so great you can’t fathom the hole it leaves until it’s gone. rock on, Christian lovers! <3

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