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March in Pictures

April 10, 2010

I started this as ‘crummy cell phone pics,’ but then got up-graded to an iPhone. So now aye-dee-kay what to call it. Either way, the whole thing is here.

March started with the destruction of my tomato/hot pepper crop, which – at least – was a great story.

And then all kinds of goodness set in: stacked keyboards, Husband’s birthday, the new sound board we’ve been waiting a year for, Lyn’s birthday, Faith Week – and (1) corned beef and cabbage (2) made by an Irishman (3) on St Patrick’s Day (4) at the cutest home ever (5) with Brian Zahnd – some really great weather, Egyptian street food – which I have reason to believe is a mild hallucinogen, Bill’s birthday, a home office, and a stinkin’ pink cowgirl hat.

March will be hard to top.

What was your favorite part of March? Got a pic/day going? Leave a link in the comments!

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