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Faith Week

March 16, 2010

Faith Week starts tomorrow! If you’re anywhere even remotely within driving distance from the Northwest Chicago suburbs, you need to get your butt here. There’s a Holiday Inn on the other side of the parking lot with a nice pool and a Bennigan’s on the first floor, so even if you live further away – take a few days off and come.

There’s info on the speakers here.

This is going to be five evenings you’ll remember for a long time. Faith Week is always a great time, but this year has great potential to be the best yet.

If you haven’t experienced a Brian Zahnd sermon your life is just not complete, so Wednesday night is priority. Rev Thomas is coming all the way from India, so staying for Thursday night is really the least you can do. Friday night our student ministry worship team (plus two) are leading worship, so you’ll definitely want to be here for that, AND I’ve heard that Ken Harbaum is one of the few preachers today worth walking miles to see. Saturday and Sunday are Thomas, and everybody loves Thomas.

Aaaand, if the weather holds up – and it’s promising to – come early on Thursday ’cause I’m off that night and we’re playing four square in the parking lot before worship. For serious.

See you tomorrow.

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