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Marital Tip #37: Honesty

March 12, 2010

I know, I know – four years isn’t a long time and not long enough to be giving advice, but a veteran wouldn’t argue with this one.

Husband and I fasted Wednesday. Together. It is known in certain circles … to which we intimately belong … that Husband sometimes gets cranky when he’s fasting. A lot of people get cranky when they’re fasting. I’ve been known to get cranky when I’m fasting. Yesterday was Husband’s turn for sure.

End of the day. Sitting at the kitchen table. Husband is working on t-shirt designs. I’m at the far corner with my sewing machine. The Bose in the corner is silent, which is unusual. Just the clickiy click of the occasional Mac key and the machine-gun rhythm of my machine to break the silence.

Suddenly, and without warning,

Husband: “Do you still love me?”

We both know the answer. And we both know to what he is referring.

Me (without looking up): “Yes.” (Pause.) “But I appreciate the challenge.”

Husband (smiling): “Nice.”

Marital Tip #37: Honesty is Key.

Give us your most recent lesson on the joys of marriage.

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  1. Noeleen permalink
    March 12, 2010 9:53 am

    ha ha! That’s so funny. Scott asked me the same question on wed night… must be something in the air :-)

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