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February in pictures

March 3, 2010

February in crummy cell phone pics!

February had a lot to do with food and Husband, it seems. (Weird – I ate and was married in February. Oh this rockstar life I lead.) I started drumming on Sunday mornings. I got tomato plants going. We met Junior. I got a great haircut and a hammock. Husband became the devil incarnate and then won the chili cook-off. I didn’t get a job, but did TAKE A DAY WITH THE GIRLS AT AN INDOOR WATER PARK. Awesome.

The water park was definitely my favorite day, but this has to be my favorite pic/haiku combo:

“Oh, frozen squirrel/How did you find such an end?/Why on my driveway?”

Looking forward to March! Husband’s going to cement his new career, Faith Week and … SPRING!

What are you looking forward to this month? Are you doing a 365 pic project? Leave a link in the comments.

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