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Haiti is still in shock

January 15, 2010

I know that blogger wisdom says I should post something new. I should keep up with my posting-frequency. And I know everyone is being inundated with news and photos and request regarding Haiti. I know that every blog is saying the same thing a million different ways, and I really have nothing to say that’s as insightful or poetic than the others. (Anne Jackson, Chad Wright, Carlos Whittaker)

I know that people who claim to represent me as a fairly conservative Christian have been saying thoughtless, hurtful things, but others have countered and rebutted and eased and calmed much better than I could. (Don Miller)

But I can’t bring myself to move on. Not just yet.

Not while the number of dead is still unknown.
Not while people still cling to strands of hope that their loved ones are alive somewhere.
Not while tens of thousands of people burn tires in the streets at night because there is no electricity and they have no where else to spend the night.

Our world is so fast-paced, so ever-changing, and so up-to-the-minute that I’m afraid this – like so many other disasters before it – may simply become the news story of the week before we’re on to something else. Our attention spans have been flayed to pathetic proportions and I’m afraid all that pruning may have accidentally taken chunks out of our capacity for compassion as well.

I don’t want to talk about politics or voodoo or who-said or who-should. If we’re going to talk at all, let’s talk about sheep and goats. And then let’s refocus and not let this become last week’s headline. Not while an entire nation is still in shock.

What are you doing? Let us know – just for the purpose of encouraging the rest of us. Praying? What for specifically? Giving? Through what organization?

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