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The third annual ornament-making party

December 16, 2009

Pictures are coming at ‘cha this week.

I know I’m s’posed to stick to my blog niche and not bore you with my personal life (because personality is not my USP, I know it). But look, it’s Christmas and there’s fun stuff going on and I’ve indefinitely “borrowed” my dad’s decent camera.

First up: Ornament Party ’09. The story goes like this …

Husband and I got married in October. We had a fist-fight that Thanksgiving about whether or not Christmas trees are pagan, and I lost. (Maybe it wasn’t a fist-fight. I’m a little hazy on the details, but it sounds about right.) The second year, however, I won. Needless to say, we had nothing to put on our little Charlie Brown tree.

So we invited some friends over, made hot cocoa and lots of cookies, dumped his art supplies on the floor, and let them go at it. Here are some pictures of the birth of a tradition, Ornament Party ’06:

It was so much fun, we threw out the ornaments with the tree so we could do it again next year. I think we skipped the tree in ’07 (although there’s some debate on that). And then we did it again last year in our new house:

This year was bigger and better than ever. Charles and Margaret are the reigning champs for Most Ornament Parties. You’ll notice them in all three sets of pictures.

Part of the tradition always includes a new person asking, “So, do you really throw away all the ornaments with the tree?” And me replying, “Yup. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do this every year.” And them looking really sad for a minute or two.

What strange or fun traditions help you celebrate Christmas?

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