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November in pictures

December 1, 2009

Any semblance of artistic effort has completely given way to the fact that I have no camera, and I’m just determined to make it to 365 days for the sake of completing something. If I do this again next year I’m taking out that stipulation about having to be in the picture myself.

November was uneventful. I stole a couple books from Thomas Nelson, had some chronic neck pain that was alleviated by a new mattress, hit up ATF with some of the students, finally fixed the couch for good, had Thanksgiving with the fam and pimped Jimmy Bratcher’s event in December. Not bad. I still can’t believe that it’s December (and that it’s supposed to be in the 50’s today.)

I’m calling this one my favorite, cause it was a fun night hanging out with Husband and pretending we were graffiti artists again:

December is going to be killer. The Electric Rev. is going to be in town this Sunday, the Christmas Eve service is shaping up to be pretty stinking cool, and really – it’s pretty much Christmas all month.

So let’s talk Christmas traditions. Husband and I are in the third year of my new favorite tradition: the ornament-making party. We got married in October, so come Christmas we had a cute Charlie Brown tree and nothing to put on it. We had a few friends over to eat cookies and make ornaments, and it was so much fun that we tossed out the ornaments with the tree so we could do it again next year. A tradition was born.

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

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