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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2009

Husband and I are on our way down to Springfield/Taylorville, Illinois for a couple days to visit my family. Hoping to stop in the morning and have breakfast with the one and only John Clark on the way. TwitPics will undoubtably be here if you’re interested.

In the spirit of the holiday, 10 things I’m thankful for:

  1. The cross. And not just ’cause rock stars always throw up a God shout-out. I am a rock star, but come on – you can’t leave that off the list.


  2. Family, of course. I have a great husband, parents, brother, in-laws, etc. I like ’em all.


  3. Our house. Despite it’s issues and the expensive mortgage that we can’t refinance ’cause the market sucks, our house is adorable and I love it.


  4. Church in the Word. Our “family” and friends, leaders, students, teaching, etc.  I don’t know where I’d be without CITW.


  5. A really, unseasonably warm November. Maybe I should be scared of global warming, but even if that is what’s going on – I can’t say I hate it.


  6. Dry wall. Our bathroom has been under construction for almost a year, and last weekend some guys came over, and got so far as putting the dray wall up. No telling when the construction phase will be a distant memory, but right now I’m just happy for dry wall.


  7. A new mattress. Some wonderful aunties sprung (pardon the pun) for an early Christmas present and bought us a new mattress. I can’t tell you how we needed it. We’re picking it up tonight. Can’t wait to sleep through the night.


  8. Our Compassion kids. No, that’s not a shameless plug. We’re very blessed by the two boys in India we support (for a mere $38/month). I love getting their letters, and writing back. I love getting new pictures every year, and seeing them grow into young men.


  9. Cranberry season. I couldn’t believe it when I couldn’t get cranberries from Jewel in July. I know cranberries come in autumn, but I figured it was Jewel. Surely someone, somewhere was growing cranberries year-round and if they are, Jewel would get them for me. Not the case. Turns out even Jewel can’t get cranberries in July, and I love cranberries even more for showing up a corporate giant like that. No fear, those cranberries.


  10. Bulldogs. Some day we’ll have our own stumpy little English Bulldog, but in the meantime, I’m thankful for everyone else’s.

I had initially left off those first few and added a disclaimer about creating a list after the serious, obvious things. But obvious things for you and I aren’t obvious things for so many people. So many people in the world aren’t thankful for a God of Love because they don’t know Him. So many can’t be thankful for loving family and good friends. I thought about going cute with this, but for those who don’t have that luxury, I think I’ll take sincere over cute this year.

Mm-kay. Your turn.
1 – Where do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
2 – What are #9 and #10 on your list (after all those serious, obvious things)?

Then, after you’ve been publicly thankful, would you consider taking the next step and being what someone else is thankful for this year? You can do that here.

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