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Are you a Compassion sponsor yet?

November 25, 2009

Teen Mania has partnered with Compassion International. At the ATF event last weekend, they showed a video and did a little push to encourage students to adopt a kid through Compassion’s program. The table was all set up as it is at many of these events.

Husband and I went by, and discussed. And prayed. I’ve been wanting to adopt another kid forever, but our finances are impossible. Husband really felt like it was time, though, so we did it. We grabbed another boy from India. Husband felt like that was the one, and when the finances are completely dependent on the Lord you have to just be obedient.

$38/month isn’t terrible, but it’s not impossible either. And it’s so worth it. We’re going to tighten our belt even more than we were to make this happen, but when it’s all said and done I won’t regret it for a moment. When this age is over and the rest of eternity begins, the $38/month won’t mean anything, but you’ll have saved a family from crushing poverty, disease, etc.

If you’re not already sponsoring a child through Compassion, you can start by clicking here. If you are, would you consider sponsoring another one?

If you are a sponsor, tell us about it. How long have you been sponsoring a child? Why do you do it?

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