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Pray for us this weekend

November 13, 2009

atf event

I have a prayer request.

Husband and I (and Mattchoo, in a sense) are taking 15 Jr. High and High School students to a loud, crowded, high-energy event this weekend. Friday night and ALL DAY Saturday. And we’re crashing at the church Friday night.

So as you’re relaxing on Saturday, remember us in your prayers.

Pray that Husband doesn’t strangle anyone.
Pray that we all get some sleep Friday night.
Pray that we can get our seats together.
Pray that everyone has a good time.

Pray that the worship team, the speakers, and the performers are on target and full of faith and living in the revelation of the cross.
Pray that our students choose to encounter God in worship, and in His word.

Pray that the purpose of this event – that goal that everyone here is working toward – becomes a reality. That young people are awakened to a higher revelation of what it means that their Creator became one with His creation and paid the ultimate price so they could choose to love Him back. That they would realize they are not the future of the Church – but that they are the Church, as much as their parents and youth leaders are.

Pray that this weekend would be remembered for lifetimes as their Mount Carmel. That God would break in, set their meager offerings on fire, and dramatically call them deeper into a life of service and devotion.

And pray that their parents are there at 10 PM on Saturday to get them so Husband and I can go home and go to bed.

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  1. Tammy permalink
    November 13, 2009 4:14 pm

    Absolutely!! Been praying already!! ;)

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