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I-HEART technical difficulties?

November 5, 2009

So I really wanted to tell you how amazing the I-HEART Film is, and how great the worship was, and how inspiring and life-changing the documentary is … but we didn’t get to see it.

We walked into the Barrington AMC a minute or two late, and two faces were frozen on the screen.

Fifteen minutes later a manager came in to tell us that they couldn’t get any sound on the broadcast. He promised they’re working on it, and that when they get it running they’ll start it from the beginning so we wouldn’t miss anything.

We watched the screen flip through the i-Dish menu, skip ahead, jump back, play for a few seconds with no sound.

Another 45 minutes later a different manager popped in to tell us that it wasn’t going to work. There was a problem with the broadcast, she explained, and it had nothing to do with the theater or their equipment. After an hour of waiting, and no hope of catching it another time, she promised to refund our ticket price and hand out coupons for free popcorn and drinks.

And then, for a split second, there was this palpable tension in the air.

After all, $15 is a lot for a ticket. We’d get it back, but not the service fee for those of us who bought our tickets online. We’d carved out 2-1/2 hours on a weeknight, sat around for an hour, and it was a one-time event that we were just not going to experience. There wasn’t another show in a couple hours or the next day. It was 6:30 PM on November 4 or nothing and, despite our best efforts, we got nothing. You will not see the premier. Concert cancelled. Go home.

On the other hand, those two managers, the kid working as an usher, and the two other people refunding tickets at the service desk knew this was a Christian event. Everyone knows that this small theater is full of (mostly) young adults who claim a different King, a God of love, and a Lord who forgives.

I glanced around at young, disappointed faces and waited.

Thankfully I didn’t wait very long, and I wasn’t disappointed. One girl shouted, “That’s okay!” and someone else followed it up with a quick, “Thanks for trying!” One kid sitting behind us started to complain, but his friends shut him up.

So we filed out, remarkably cheerfully, ate the service fee, thanked the manager for the popcorn coupons, and went to Starbucks. And while I was disappointed in a technological glitch, I’m so glad I wasn’t disappointed in our ability – collectively – to be Christlike.

Did you get to see the documentary? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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  1. November 5, 2009 2:55 pm

    :) Coffee was good!

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