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Fat Head

October 20, 2009

You’re not getting fat because you’re eating more; you’re eating more because you’re getting fat.

That’s a line from one of the many videos on the About page of the FatHead website – dedicated to a health and nutrition documentary of the same name. Behold,

Bill posted one of said many videos to his FB page the other day, and I had to check it out. I think I watched most of the videos, and was fairly stunned. Not the least of all by what the people in this one had to say:

I’m intrigued.

Check out some of the other videos on that page if you get a chance. Dude’s pretty convinced that Supersize Me was a scam, and one of them tries to explain in layman’s terms (although I admit he kind of lost me) how the body stores/uses fat.

What do you think? A Supersize Me-hater out to make a name for himself, or is it true? I’ve heard for so long that whole wheat is best and saturated fat will kill you, that I’m having a hard time registering this. You?

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