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Abolitionists on-line

October 8, 2009

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So I’ve been preaching Exodus Cry, ’cause they’re my faves. As my heart has been focused on the issue, though, I’m seeing others. If you’re interested, here are a few more good resources/organizations.

Justice & Care
Vision: To achieve a world where life is priceless by preventing injustice, prosecuting those that perpetuate it and protecting those that are affected by it. Focus: Justice & Care works with the State to handle all forms of Human trafficking.

Not For Sale
About: The Not For Sale Campaign equips and mobilizes Smart Activists to deploy innovative solutions to re-abolish slavery in their own backyards and across the globe.

Traffic in People posts updates to Twitter.

Chab Dai
About: Christians working together to end sexual abuse and trafficking.

I’m sure there are dozens I’m missing. If there’s one you’ve found particularly helpful or insightful, leave a link in the comments. And don’t forget to comment on Monday’s post for a chance to win a rad Exodus Cry t-shirt!

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