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Happy Birthday to me

September 14, 2009

We had a few friends over Saturday for ma birfday. Apparently I just have a knack for scheduling things on the busiest weekends ever, ’cause I also got a bunch of “Sorry, but …” ‘s. But we had a good time.

AND I finally got to realize my dream of The Wisniewski Outdoor. Since spring I’ve been wanting to get a projector so we can get the neighborhood together for outdoor movies. But they’re a little pricey, and I think Husband wasn’t as excited about the investment as I was.

Saturday night, though, when the sky got dark and we flicked on Kung Fu Panda, people turned and gathered chairs to a hushed chorus of, “Awesome!” “This is sick.” “What a cool idea.” “I love it.” And for almost two hours, some of our favorite people sat together in our backyard and laughed like children at a computer generated panda with dreams of kung fu.

Without further ado. Pics:


Happy Birthday to me.

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