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He is the adventure

September 3, 2009

John left a comment a couple days ago when we were talking about canceling adventures.

“I think people just want to be swept away in the romance of something else, some place else, maybe even someone else.

“I’ve felt all of these notions cut through me. I know that sounds a bit extreme but I think it best describes the yearning that comes with these fantasies. They are so pretty the way I paint them in my head. But I won’t be there, what I’m not here.

“I guess the point is, I’d never find that romance out there, or wherever. But He’d paint this whole house in it if I’d just close my eyes. In His love is the only place I’ve found it. It humbles me in an instant; it brings beauty to all things.

“Maybe it’s not that simple. Maybe my eyes for Him are too new, being just born again not too long ago. I hope I never get complacent.”

Well said, I thought.

And challenging the way only a new believer can be challenging. Because it is that simple, and it is easy to get complacent.

Where are you this morning? Is your life’s breath the presence of the Eternal in you? When was the last time you sat for an hour and read through one of the gospels just because you wanted to be near Him? Can you still be moved to tears at the idea that a perfect, all-powerful God would allow himself to be humiliated and tortured just because He loves you – the mess that you are?

It’s easy to get complacent. It’s easy to get busy, get distracted, but it’s just as easy to go home.

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