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August in pictures

September 2, 2009

Picture 1

August is over. First impression of August ’09: weak sauce. Where was the hot, sticky Chicago summer? I want my money back.

August was definitely for hanging out. Mitch was around a lot. Mattchoo continued to be around a lot. Jen met me over coffee a bunch. John Clark was around a lot despite being a criminal and not having a valid license, and Ben is in two of these. We even got to Skype-see the Krauss family, which was hanging out for them – talking over only a two hour time difference and with the ability to freely use words like “church” and “prayer” was crazy.

August saw the birth of the Ginga Snaps – our ginger gang/fictitious rock band. We’ve also started developing a sub-culture. So far we’ve determined that it’s okay to call one another “ginga,” but if a non-ginger tries to use the term it’s highly offensive. That’s actually a tough one, ’cause we’re all used to being called that exclusively by non-gingers, so it usually takes a minute to remember we’re offended.

The above also pointed out the obvious need for some return-slang. “Non-ginger” doesn’t sound mean at all, so we came up with “no glow” (or “no gloz” for the plural) for the rest of you. That was Ben’s stroke of genius right there. So far Husband is bearing the brunt of that ’cause he’s usually the no glow minority when we all get together.

Finally, as this last picture shows. I managed to grow a pretty sweet beard in August as well.


So how about it? How did August treat you? Are you doing any kind of picture-a-day project? Share a link in the comments!

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