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Cancel your next adventure

September 1, 2009


“I can’t stay at the same job for more than two years.”

“I’m just bored with everything.”

“I need to get out of this town.”

“I’m waiting for my next adventure.”

I’ve made a couple of those statements. You may have too. You  may have at least felt some of those statements.

Is it a cultural phenomenon? Generational? Maybe it’s just human nature, but while I’ve been hearing more and more of it lately I know it’s not everyone.

And I’ve been thinking, how is it that a people alive with the Spirit that hovered over the face of the waters at the beginning of time can get bored with our circumstances? And why do we keep coming back to the idea that a new job or a new town is going to refresh us, breath new life into us, re-excite us?

I don’t doubt the craving for adventure and mystery. I’m convinced our Creator wrote those longings into us so He could be the One to fulfill them.

But we don’t let Him.

I’m not talking about that consumer band-aid we sometimes use. That’s an issue, but this seems to be something different. Maybe it’s just a stage-of-life thing that I’m seeing in my 20-something peers.

I’m guilty of the longing myself. I took a boat-tour around Lake Geneva with my family a month ago and thought, “We could just pack up everything and move here. It’s beautiful here.” It’s like there’s a recurring desire to wipe the slate clean – again.

But are those the seasons in which we need to really press into God? Are those seasons, when life’s distractions have become banal, that our response should be diving deep into the things of God?

Because isn’t it when God seems distant, boring, and routine that we have the greatest opportunity to prove our love? To be the Shulamite who searches for her Lover throughout the night? To take the kingdom of heaven by force?

Is it just me, or are you bored lately? How do you press in during the dry seasons?

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  1. The one and only John Clark permalink
    September 1, 2009 9:20 pm

    I’ve made some of the above statements. I lived them too, over the past 10 years I’ve had 5 jobs all for about 2 years. I think people just want to be swept away in the romance of something else, some place else, maybe even someone else. I’ve felt all of these notions cut through me. I know that sounds a bit extreme but I think it best describes the yearning that comes with these fantasies. They are so pretty the way I paint them in my head. But I won’t be there what I’m not here. I guess the point is, I’d never find that romance out there, or wherever. But He’d paint this whole house in it if I’d just close my eyes. In His love is the only place I’ve found it. It humbles me in an instant, it brings beauty to all things. Maybe it’s not that simple. Maybe my eyes for Him are too new, being just born again not too long ago. I hope I never get complacent.

  2. September 2, 2009 10:21 am

    This was good.

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