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Perpetuum Jazzile choir

August 15, 2009

Who thought of this? Who wanted to cover Africa – sound effects and all – and then thought, “Let’s just use a choir.”?

I like the guy doing the bass part. Pretty cool.

But that’s all it is: cool. Not eternal.

What are we doing? Where are the people tuned in with the Creator God? Sometimes I wonder if we’re too busy doing the weekend-to-weekend, too busy trying to get our programs to work. Can we close the MacBook (’cause you are redeemed, right? *wink*), look around, and daydream for a minute. What would happen if a group of people with an eternal agenda started thinking outside of the box more?

Just a thought. What are you daydreaming about lately? What fun twist are you putting on the norm?

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  1. August 15, 2009 8:35 pm

    …me and three friends just watched this and thought it was totally awesome. thanks for sharing! :)

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