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Book Review: Bridal Intercession

August 3, 2009

bridal_intercessionGary definitely challenged my minute understanding of intercession with this book. More than once he confronted what I thought I knew head-on, and I had to really stop and consider the scriptures.

At the same time, though, this book is about more than intercession. Maybe the extra chapters are intended to really draw the reader into that deep longing that Gary illustrates is necessary for intercession, but it felt unnecessary at a lot of turns. Almost like he forgot his audience. Or maybe I’m just not his intended audience. The book as a whole seems aimed at believers who are struggling in their passion as well as their prayers. The real “meat” of the teaching on intercession could probably have been bound with half the spine.

Said “meat” was mostly Chapter 7, and without referencing notes or highlights, it’s all I remember of the book off-hand.

Gary communicates his point throughout, though, and I definitely have a much deeper understanding of intercession because of this book.

The skinny: If you really want to dig in to the idea of intercession, definitely get it. It’s worth the extra chapters and the teaching is solid. If you want one really good book on intercession, this may or may not be the one. I recommend it, but I won’t read it twice.

Some quotes after the break.

Know any good resources on intercession? What’s inspired or instructed you? We’ve got some budding, young intercessors lurking in the shadows around here, so point us in the right direction!

“He (Jesus) identified permanently with her (His bride’s, believers’) humanity without negating His divinity, thereby leaving Himself with no alternative but to exalt her to the incredible place of fellowship and partnership in the triune life of God.”

“We somehow feel as though we have really meant business and touched heaven if we release much emotional energy in the guise of warring. That is not necessarily so. The kind of warfare referred to in the scriptures has little or nothing to do with the level of outward energy evidenced in make-believe battles in the midst of a prayer meeting. it has much more to do with assertively believing the truth and living in the gentle, undiscouraged character of Jesus in the face of contrary opinion.”

“My task of intercession over my city does not consist of rebuking enemy activity by addressing the demonic powers and their agenda. There is not one biblical example of that strategy being employed. Now make no mistake, I am fully aware that these powers are real and that they have an agenda. I simply want to part of their agenda. My task as an intercessor is to determine what is in the Lord’s heart and mind regarding [my city] and come to agreement with what He has said he intends to do.”

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