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July in pictures

July 31, 2009

Picture 1_3

Well, there goes July. I totally got back in the game with this 365 Days project. Go  me.

July was good. July started with vacation – marked, as it was, by three trips to Immediate Care. It was still a vacation. I got to see my family and spend five lovely days camping in mosquito-free Arkansas with Husband. AND we stopped at Pancake City on the way home. Su-blime.

Let’s see, what happened then. Oh ya – another Immediate Care visit. Ugh. In almost four years of marriage we’ve never had medical bills or disease, and this month we gave out our insurance information four times. What on earth?

July was a massive month for studying intercession and reading in general, which is cool.

The best part of July, which I failed to actually capture in a photo, was definitely JOHN CLARK GOT SAVED. I have his testimony, but Husband’s going to post it (or so he says) soon. Look for a big link to that ’cause it’s awesome. Suffice to say the devil is still nursing that wound and Husband has been on cloud nine for weeks. We both love John, and it’s just less painful to love someone who’s surrendered to God.

So my fave for the month has to be this one. You should have seen me trying to get it too: set up camera on a rock, hit the timer button, run and jump between two or three large rocks in the middle of a river (which you can’t really see) and sit placidly on the other side. Took a couple tries.


Some other fun photo projects: LookingSmug from Flickr. Chad’s daily iPhone photo.

How was your July? What was the best part? Are you doing a 365/photo-of-the-day project? Leave a link in the comments!

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