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Loose change and a text message

July 14, 2009


Children have a way of being really cute and really convicting at the same time.

I got a text message from a friend a couple weeks ago, detailing a brief conversation with his three-year-old.

“she just told me that she was going to give you the change in her pocket and i said why? and she said ‘cus her broke and she don’t have no money”

(First, she’s three and, thus, doesn’t quite have a real grasp on our financial situation. We’re not broke. We’re fine. Disclaimer stated, moving on.)

My first reaction was, “Cuuute.” That’s very sweet of the girl, come on.

My second reaction was, “Why don’t I trust my Daddy to provide for me as much as she trusts her daddy to provide for her?”

She wasn’t worried at all about keeping the coins in her pocket. The idea that she might need that money in the near future never even crossed her mind. She knows that her dad gives her everything she needs. It’s not a good deal, or an ideal relationship in her mind – it’s just reality. It’s how things are.

How’s your reality?

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