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Balancing your life

July 6, 2009

This post is part of a party hosted by (not the letter “P,” though I can see where you may have assumed that for a minute there) WorshipChicks. Sound intriguing? You want to go here.

simplifyI look forward to reading other WorshipChicks’ responses to this one, ’cause I feel like I’m constantly struggling to keep my life balanced – or at least under control. Husband and I don’t even have kids, and there are those days when I wonder how anyone does it.

I am:

  • disciple
  • wife
  • student ministry leader (as in speaking, planning, organizing, etc.)
  • student worship team leader
  • part-time graphics/Cool Police/cleaning lady at the church

And actually, I think I’m starting to do a pretty job balancing those because that list is in order of importance and time-allotment. The only thing that I’m not sure where to put in there is “daughter/sister.” I don’t know where exactly it belongs, which probably means I’m not doing a very good job of it.

I am pleased to be able to say that list is shorter than it was about a year ago. I’d been doing a lot of reading – for both ministry and my then-job – about leadership and ministry and all that good stuff. A recurring theme throughout all of it was this: Simplify.

We know our ministries and our companies need simple, clear, action-oriented, and effective mission/vision statements. But what about our lives? At the time, I was fighting burn-out at every turn and I knew I had to do something.

So I sat down one night with an old envelope and a pen and wrote down everything that I did: admin job, church job, wife, worship team, altar team, Midweek service, disciple, student worship team, etc. Then, I went through the list – just as a hypothetical exercise – and crossed out everything that wasn’t either necessary or something I know I’m clearly called to do.

Then, as painful as it was for a couple of them, I quit. I emailed ministry leaders and said, “I’m really sorry, but …” and they understood.

We know we have a purpose. We know God created each of us for a reason, with a plan … but we’re so easily distracted from that plan. The world will tell us that the more we can do, the more we’re good at, the better we are. The world ranks our value according to how much we produce.

But our Creator measures our faithfulness. Faithfulness to what He created us to do. I could do a million things well, but at the end of the day He’s going to ask how I did with my assignment. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Simplifying made a huge difference for me. It’s humbling and it’s freeing. Ask God what He has for you, and let someone else do the rest – it’s probably theirs to do anyway.

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