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Trends in intercession

July 3, 2009

So, yesterday I mentioned a short list of trends I’ve been noticing as I construct my delightfully OCD Word document table with notes on intercession. Here they are:

  • Intercession is often to ease or prevent suffering (vs. for a blessing).
  • The intercessor often identifies with his subject, using pronouns like “we” instead of “they.”
  • With identification, the intercessor often repents on behalf of his subject.
  • The intercession is often requested by the person who needs it.

Not every example or instance of intercession is any or all of those things, but they’re common characteristics as I go through seven pages of scripture references.

A final interesting point is that the last two never – at least not so far – go together. Never does someone request that an intercessor repent for him/them. Repentance is the intercessor’s idea.

The second and third point there especially fascinate me. Have you ever tried to do that? It’s difficult. We work hard to live well. To present ourselves before the object of that desire and identify with His enemies is humbling, and sometimes painful. At the same time, it can’t be half-hearted either. James uses the word “fervent.

Intercessors, are you out there? Are you reading? Help me out, here. How do you do this? Do you do this, or am I way off? What other trends or characteristics of intercession am I missing?

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