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June in pictures

July 1, 2009

Picture 2

Couldn’t even fill up three rows this month. Yikes. I know I say this every month, but I’m seriously re-committed to this project now. Not ’cause I couldn’t fill up three rows, but ’cause I’m over being over it. I think I was over it before ’cause I was over myself, but now I’m so over myself that I want to do it regardless of myself. If that makes any sense. If not, get over it.

Anyway, who can believe June is over? Didn’t think so. Not that I’m ever ready for any particular month to be dead, but June seems especially abrupt. I must be getting old.

June 2009 will be remembered for my perhaps lame attempt at befriending our business neighbors by offering them free coffee on Friday mornings. It took a month, but I’ve got regulars. Two of ’em. And now they know we’re a church, and I know where to go if I have $50,000 I want to drop on a 103 centimeter plasma teevee. Seriously. And that’s “a deal.”

June also marked the beginning of snake season, which has been good fun. It was June that saw Marcos give his life back to Jesus, and it was June when the title to the Ford came in the mail. No. More. Car payments. In June we started planning a camping trip, my camera broke, and in June I finally realized (accepted?) that I’m not partially un-employed. I am a part-time intercessor, called without question by the One who calls those things, and He provides.

Not bad.

This one has to be my favorite this month. Certainly not for artistic value, aesthetic, or quality – but for representation:

6-29 text

Other people are doing this 365/photo-of-the-day thing much better than me. You can see Mattchoo’s if he likes you on Facebook. Chad is doing a Daily iPhone Photo. I also dig Ashley’s project.

How did June treat you? Where did you go? What did you learn? What’s new? Are you doing a photo-of-the-day project? Share a link in the comments!

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