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Just keep swim-ming

June 30, 2009

dandelionA couple Fridays ago an answer to prayer walked up to the front doors wondering if we were a furniture store.

A handful of the students had re-gathered on the floor in front of the stage a half-hour after the [redefined] service ended to pray. They prayed, in part, for their student ministry and that new students would find their way to [redefined] by whatever means necessary.

When they exited the sanctuary there were four high school senior girls at the front doors. Timothy took them back outside to chat and for probably 20 minutes no one had any idea what was going on. Timothy doesn’t do sermon prep very well a lot of times, but Holy Spirit moves on him when a spontaneous sermon is needed. I refused a couple of other students who wanted to go outside too. Just let him and Holy Spirit do their thing.

The rest of us had retreated to the cafe to close out the evening when Timothy and the girls came inside. He introduced us, and left them with me while he ran back to the office to get Bibles. They’re from Indiana. In town on a rugby tournament, and they were blown away by our passion for our faith.

One of the girls even told me, “There are 48 churches in our county, and I feel like I’ve been to most of ’em. I think every pastor in my town is bored with his job. But Tim? He makes it interesting. I was really about to give up on this whole thing, but now … I don’t know.”

No props. No strategies. Just prayer and obedience. We loaded them up with Bibles (a Spirit-filled Bible for each of ’em), CDs (music and sermons), and a couple other little things. Timothy prayed over them, and they ran across the parking lot to try to make lights out at their hotel. We prayed, and committed them to the Lord.

This morning I got an email.

I’m taking out names and sharing the bulk of it to remind us all of what God is capable of, of how dearly He counts one soul, of how extravagant His love that He would bring four girls from Indiana to an empty strip mall parking lot at 9:30 PM on a Friday evening to meet Him. I’m sharing this also to hopefully encourage those of you who labor day after day for the gospel and never hear the end report – because you’re traveling, because they’re from out of town, because families move, because life isn’t perfect. You do good.

This message is for the Youth Pastor, Tim and for all at Church in the Word.

Last week, a miracle began at your church. My daughter was attending a rugby tournament. (They won the ladies Midwest championships, but that is not the miracle. :) ) I am a divorced mom of five, living in Indiana. [Name], my middle child, is 18 and bound for … University in the fall.

Due to our divorce, she has gone every Saturday night to her dad’s house and has never connected with her father’s church. He allowed her to chose to attend church- she chose not to attend. Along the way, there have been many, many episodes of her questioning God, seeing worth in God’s eyes, etc. I feel like God is calling her, tugging at her heart, and tell her this continually. She is lost and floundering in her faith, and then, last week, during the rugby event, she and her teammates wandering around, happened on your church.

She came home actually excited about God’s word, because Tim explained so much, made it come alive, and gave clear answers that were believable to the girls. Please pray for her and those girls. All of them are questioning. All of them are struggling or fighting the Truth of the Word. Tim was the first person to make it come alive for them- ever. God bless you for what I hope is the beginning of real faith, and salvation.

Pray, pray, pray for the hearts and souls of my beloved daughter and “adopted” daughters in that rugby team. Thank you for being servants and for having the God given knowledge that made a rather hardened 18 year old light up with excitement over God’s word.

So if you get a minute, pray for the rugby girls – God knows who they are. And then, keep fighting the good fight. You never know who will knock on your door.

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  1. Jessica permalink
    June 30, 2009 9:28 pm

    This is absolutely incredible! :) Praise God for His provisions. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Tammy permalink
    July 1, 2009 2:29 pm

    I am literally sitting here with tears streaming down my face! I was in the building that night! I was so excited that these girls stopped by. I pray for them! As well, I pray for each of us to have a ready spirit. God will use us and often when we least expect it. The only way people see this in us is when we are living it out everyday, no matter if the day is mundane or not.
    Thank you so much for sharing this….It is very encouraging!

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